• November 14, 2020 7:57 pm
  • Germany, Europe
On Call

The Gestuet Golden Horses is owned and operated by Christine Glas. It is located in the beautiful eastern corner of Germany, in Thueringen. Specially the historical city of Neuhaus, close to the location of Gestuet Golden Horses in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz, is a secret destination point for visitors from all over the world.

Established 1989, Gestuet Golden Horses has been in the pursuit of excellence and producing champions from a long line of champions. At the Gestuet Golden Horses we are dedicated to the conscientious care and breeding of our horses.

Ever constant in our mind is our goal – to produce the most beautiful colored performance horse possible, conformational sound and correct, with a trainable mind and good disposition. With careful consideration of pedigrees, color genes, and conformational strengths and shortcomings, we make our breeding choices. Our breeding program has specialized in producing colored athletic horses which are successful competitors in open showing, breed shows, and as hardy pleasure mounts. Our focus is breeding for the serious equestrian.

The philosophy of breeding for color is allied to the ultimate responsibility of breed improvement. Temperament and performance must always take precedence over breeding for color alone.

Our breeding philosophy is concurrent with those studies that have proven the out-crossing and the larger gene pool will produce offspring enhanced with hyper-vigor, combined with line breeding to strengthen specific desired characteristics. Breeding, then, is a matter of striving for perfection while knowing it will not be completely achieved, no matter how nice the horse, it is going to have faults. The knowledge of learning how to blend desirable characteristics with success is the true “art” of breeding.



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