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BriarCroft Stables, home of several beautiful, kind Gypsy Vanner horses.  We’re glad that you’re taking the time to visit our website, peruse our pages and learn about these majestic animals.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for further information.  We hope you enjoy your visit with us!

The Gypsy Vanner horse has been bred by the Gypsy people (also known as Travelers or Tinkers) of the U.K. and Europe for centuries. The horses were bred, first and foremost, to be useful. They had to pull the family’s “vardo” (wagon) during the day, then be docile enough to let the children ride horseback into town at night. The horse also had to look pretty and be “flashy” enough for papa to show off to his buddies. All the while, this same horse had to be able to survive on whatever food he could find along the roadside—no hay or fancy pellet feed here!

Charlotte liked breeding her horses. She loved working with the pregnant mares. The whole horse reproduction experience fascinated her. It was (and is) nothing short of a miracle. Steve, on the other hand, did not. His experience helping other people with their “problem” horse, which often happened to be stallions or broodmares, left him with no desire to own any breeding stock. Charlotte’s last broodmare was now too old to breed, so Charlotte started “window shopping” for a new one—looking at younger mares or fillies. Steve knew what she was doing…

Then one fateful day in April of 2008, while attending Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH, Steve and Charlotte stopped yet again to admire the magnificent Gypsy Vanner horses. Charlotte thought they were beautiful. Steve, having spent the early years of his childhood in the U.K., was much more familiar with the breed. Steve made the mistake (if you can call it that) of stating, “Now, if I were going to breed horses, I could get into breeding these.” Charlotte seized the moment and replied, “I can breed Gypsy Vanners.” And so it began. By late summer of 2008, the first three Gypsy Vanner horses had arrived at BriarCroft. Both Steve and Charlotte were excited about their new venture. For Steve, it was another connection with “home” on the other side of the pond. For Charlotte, it was just plain fun!

Sadly, Steve passed away very unexpectedly in November of 2009, but Charlotte, supported by family and friends, continues on with the dream that she and Steve had begun by that seemingly accidental comment while admiring the Gypsy Vanners back in 2008. That dream is coming to fruition with these beautiful, kind, gentle horses. And today, she continues to have fun with them! Happy trails Steven…’til we meet again….

In 1996 the first Gypsy Vanner was imported into the United States. Now Americans are falling in love with them for their beauty, temperament, and athleticism; while the horses are falling in love with us for the wonderful grain that we give them! Here at BriarCroft, we strive to breed for the best of all of their known qualities. In addition to breeding, we ride and drive our horses, taking them out into the public to share them with others. Come join us on our journey and let us introduce you to your next great passion…

BriarCroft Stables is set on 20 acres of rolling pastures just outside of Mooresville, IN. It is home to a small band of Gypsy Vanners—four mares and one stallion. No more than two to four foals are ever raised there in one year, so each is cared for like a member of the family. Each breeding is carefully planned with perfection as the ultimate goal in these magical horses.

Rinkenni Dutchess
Dutchess is a 2007 Gypsy Vanner mare. A Lion King grand-daughter, she has been used as a broodmare and produced a beautiful filly for us! And that’s not all—she’s broke to drive and is green-broke to saddle. Dutchess has been driven in public multiple times and always goes about her work despite distractions. We are now only doing very limited breeding, and we have too many horses to keep, so we’ve reached the difficult decision to part with her. Take her home to drive, or to add to your broodmare band.

BCS Dana Lady Blue
Lady is a 2011 Gypsy Vanner filly. She has the prettiest little head with 2 partial blue eyes, a perfect body with a rainbow neck and that infamous “apple-butt” so desirable in these horses. A beautiful mover, Lady is most interested in pleasing you and tries very hard to do what is asked of her. Truly people-friendly, you cannot go into her pasture without her coming to say hi and ask for some scratches. She is ready to find her forever home. This gal is going to be truly awesome when she’s all done growing!! Purchase her now and turn her into the perfect horse for you!

BCS Myth Buster
Buster is a weanling colt born November, 2012. (The Briar Prince x Dolce Blue) This fella is awesome! Good, heavy bone, he’s very conformationally correct! Beautifully marked, he’s sure to be an eye-catcher. Loads of personality and plenty of feather. Specially priced if purchased prior to weaning. Get him now before he’s no longer available! Pictured here at 24 hrs old.

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