• November 14, 2020 7:38 pm
  • South Dakota, USA
On Call

Pete and I have been raising Appaloosas for six years. It wasn’t something that we had intended on doing, but sometimes things happen and you don’t know why, you just do them. After our youngest went off to college, we were down to two horses, my old mare Star and Melissa’s mare Sahara.

We sold our four horse trailer and bought a little two horse gooseneck with every intention of going camping, fishing and trail riding, but someone had other plans for us.

These aren’t the first Appaloosas that we have owned, I have loved Appaloosas for a long time and in fact, when I was 16, I rode my mare Star ten miles to have her bred to Mr. Moon Rocket, an ApHC stallion owned by Donnie Bachman. The resulting foal was Stardust, Dusty for short.

My old friend Star is no longer with us, but her memory lives on as each year I name a foal with her name in it. Now we are back up to ten horses including our stallion, and a four horse gooseneck.

We started showing our Appaloosas in breed shows and became actively involved in the Con and POP ApHC regional clubs in South Dakota. We are expecting three foals this spring, so keep stopping in to our site and see all the color. Thank you for visiting. Pete & Sue

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