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The easiest way that I can define Counting Coup is that it was a way for the Native American
to ‘keep track’ of ‘points’. Let’s say that you are a brave going into battle. You have knocked your
enemy off your horse. You got away scott free! Not a scratch! An act like that was considered more brave and took more talent to perform than just hiding behind a tree and shooting an arrow at
them. So, you got a coup point for bravery, skill, etc…

Counting Coup was also a way to ‘practice’ fighting as children or young braves.

Get close enough to touch your enemy and get away…it makes the enemy look weak too..

I have always loved this ‘counting coup’ idea and have always taken an interest in the
Native American. I was raised by my grandma Griggs on the homestead. It was located on
Medicine Creek East of Pierre SD. It was here that I learned the ‘real’ stories of these
‘savages’. I grew up to love and respect the Native American and their beliefs; especially
the Sioux. I felt I needed to have a connection to this with my horses.

Thus, Counting Coup Appaloosas.

“Appaloosas? Why the hell do you want rat tailed spotted looking thing like that?”

I love the variety when I drive by a pasture full of colored horses
I love the versatility.
I love the colors.
I love the loyalty.
I love the uniqueness that separates them from all other breeds.
and, they almost gave the Nez Perce’ their freedom………..

I have stood by and defended the Appaloosa since I can remember. I think I fell in love
with them when my gamma Capin use to baby-sit me. She had 2 ceramic Appaloosas on her
shelf that I would look at all the time and fall asleep to while lying on the couch. I still have one
of those ‘original’ apps.

I didn’t get my first app until my 16th birthday. My sister Cindy was responsible for
that. At the time she kept her app at Welches’ Stables outside of Rapid City, SD. They
raised appaloosas with a stallion named Sonny Boy Leo. We went out Rapid to visit my
sister the weekend of my birthday. The family was trying to decide what we should do
first; go out to eat or out to the stable and see Pepper, my sisters horse. I begged
to go to the stable first.. I got my demand. Upon entering the row of stalls walking out
of the office, the first stall was decorated with streamers and balloons and a sign hung
on the door that read ‘This Horse Belongs To Terri Mccarty’. You can imagine
the emotion as I opened the stall door to find a beautiful bay blanketed with spots weanling.
He was named Sonny Little Hawk and has remained my friend to this day. We shared many
“first’s” of all kinds together.

My sister also bought me my second Appaloosa, Nugget’s Fantasy. From her, I got the Rat.
You can view the rest of that story.

I grew up around people that did not like appaloosas so I took a lot of flak. So, I did
have a AQHA, Yankee J Dial, gelding that I used for gaming and rodeos. I put him down
3 years ago after 21 years together. I am now fortunate to have met a wonderful family
that owns a small acreage. They allow me to pursue my dream of raising appaloosas. I am,
however, torn between the foundation app and crossing with a more sporty horse like a TB.
I think I want a spotted horse like I use to ride like Yankee. It seems that there is more of a
market for the sport horse but my heart has always been with the real appaloosa; rat tail
and all! So, until I can really support myself with raising horses, I guess I’ll have to have both.

I thank my sister Cindy Boone for all the support she continues to give me. She recently
purchased a TB mare for ‘me’, but she can take her when ever she is ready for her and have
any baby from her she wants.

I also thank Pam and Bill Lutter. If it were not for them, this start of a dream and a
purpose for life, would not be alive.

My breeding program has taken a more focused approach to the Sully line of horses. I have sold
all my TB’s and Arabians except for one each and only hold 1-2 modern bred appaloosa mares.
Most of the mares go back to some Sully line of breeding so of course hold the Sundance line.
Both Stallion are also Sully bred.

I wanted to breed both for the appaloosa sporthorse as well as the foundation lines. I feel I can
still achieve this with the horses I have in my herd. After the passing of Lee Warne, something just clicked in my head that the Sully line is what I should be breeding. Not sure how or what to call it; something sentimental or in honor of the man who bred my first appaloosa mare. I plan on putting
the Sully name back on top of the breed with the years to come. After seeing my first foal crop and what my Sr. stallion can produce on a variety of mares, I think I am headed in the right direction.



South Dakota,USA

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