• November 4, 2020 5:30 pm
  • Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Two years ago, Anna Loehmeyer’s comfortable life fell apart when her husband was arrested for fraud. She found a new purpose, though, after she rescued a mare bound for slaughter. Acquiring two more hard-luck equines and a small farm in western New Jersey, Anna decides to start her own horse-rescue operation.

The only person eager to help is her teenage niece MJ, who is grieving the loss of her beloved father. Formerly a good student, MJ has become depressed and rebellious, even jeopardizing her chances to get into college. She persuades her mother to let her spend a summer at the rescue farm, because her Aunt Anna is “the only adult I know who’s doing anything meaningful.”

Soon the two women recognize a bond that goes beyond family ties–their mutual love of horses and a desire to save them from abusive situations. Less experienced than her aunt, MJ learns on the job. Her mistakes awaken Anna’s motherly instincts and amuse Walt, a young neighbor who helps out when needed.

Their greatest challenge, though, could also be their best hope for an adoption success story–the farm’s newest resident, an ex-racehorse named Murphy. Almost put down for seriously injuring a jockey, the big gray loves to jump, even without a rider. But is he too dangerous for Anna and MJ to handle, much less to retrain? Can they afford the natural horsemanship expert the vet recommended?          For the sake of their farm and their goal, both independent women may have to learn when to ask for help…


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  • Horse Book


Derbyshire,United Kingdom

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