• July 18, 2019 12:20 pm
  • Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Two collectible Observers Books for lovers of horses.

The Observer’s Book of Show Jumping and Eventing by Vivienne Batchelor is a first edition published in 1976. Book 60.
The dust cover is in very good condition – just a couple of small marks.The pages are excellent – no tears, creases or marks. It looks barely opened. Black and white photos and illustrations.

The Observers Book of Horses and Ponies was one of the first in the series – book no 9, first published in 1948. This is a reprint from 1969.
Sadly the dust jacket is lost, and there are small marks on the front. However the pages inside are in excellent condition. Lots of black and white photos of different breeds.

Lovely books for horse lovers.


  • Item Type : Book / Novel
  • Condition : Used


  • Vintage Horse Book


Bedfordshire,United Kingdom

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