• November 23, 2020 9:04 pm
  • Wales, United Kingdom
On Call

The Pembrokeshire Horsebox Company – dedicated to providing quality, value and service to its customers – is based in the West Wales county of Pembrokeshire but operates nationally and internationally.

Our customers range from top International Show Jumpers for whom we provide their choice of customised horseboxes to young horsewomen who are looking for a basic horsebox at an affordable price.

CHOICE is the keyword.

You tell us your needs and we provide the expertise and the craftsmanship.

We also offer –

Full scale refurbishment of old and
much used boxes
Warranty period
A 24 hour recovery service
Part-exchange facility
Pre-purchase inspection service
Horsebox hire
Horse transport service

Customised Horseboxes For SALES

Small single-use boxes, driven and operated by one person.
Basic three-horse boxes with living accommodation
Luxury living accommodation with leather interiors, satellite navigation, CCTV, air conditioning
Whatever you CHOOSE our consultant interior designer is at your service.

There are many individual options :-

New or low mileage chassis
Range of types and sizes of tack lockers
Power ramp (hydraulic)
Types and sizes of windows
Tilt cab retained or fixed cab
Cab access
Design of partitions
Colour schemes and specialist logos
— and many, many more
The CHOICE is yours

Horsebox Repairs

Tony Deluca ( who hails from the horseracing stronghold of Newmarket) is Vehicle Inspectorate trained.

Both he and his partner Mike Poar are experienced metal fabricators and welders with long experience in the motor and horsebox trade.

They offer minor to full-scale refurbishment of old and well used boxes ensuring they meet the legal requirements for the safety and comfort of the horses.

They will :-

Refit and modernise interiors
Provide a pre-purchase inspection service
with a written report of requirements
Offer a part exchange facility

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