• November 24, 2020 1:03 am
  • Hungary, Europe
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The Kontex 3000 LLC engages in production and trade of horseboxes and campers in Hungary. We build horseboxes on new or used chassises of different types. We can build your horsebox according your needs in the highest quality. Your coach can be built for two or even six horses. Our horseboxes are built for the best comfort of both man and horse.

The Kontex 3000 LLC. was grounded in 2003. Our parent company the Kontex LLC. builds different vehicles since 1991. This company is one of the biggest vehicle and coach-builder in Hungary, and it has a ISO 9002 certification, too.

There is a good partnership with big truck-builders like Mercedes-Benz, MAN, DAF, VOLVO, IVECO, TOYOTA, MITSHUBISHI, NISSAN, RENAULT, VOLKSWAGEN, FIAT, FORD, HYUNDAI, etc.

Our company – the new division, Kontex 3000 LLC. – works in the Városkapu Industrial Area, in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. We are working in a new, well-equipped 700 sqm workshop with a well trained team. The used materials are also the highest quality from all over Europe.

The chassis is built from welded steel construction covered with plywood. The side walls and the roof are made of long lasting and light GRP. Every other walls are welded alu profiles.

There can be found a lockerbox under the feeder, and it is possible to fit some under the board level.

Basically there are two ramps, one on the side, another on the rear. Both of them are welded steel constructions covered by plywood and special rubber. These are easily moveable, thanks to the simple but reliable construction. There is also a door into the living area, and a step for easy taking on and off.

The paintwork is created according your order. You can choose from a wide variety of colors from acryl through metal. If you need, we can also offer different designs.

Living Area
The walls are coated with artificial leather, in different colors, as you wish. The ceiling is covered by decor panel, the floor is made of laminated flooring.

There is a cutting between the living area and the cab, so it is easy to get through from the cab to the living area. Above the cab there is an isolated topsleeper with place for two persons.

The furniture consists of two seat coated with artificial leather, coffee table, wardrobe, hanging cupboard.

Basic installations in the living area are shower, sink, micro wave, fridge, TV with satellite receiver, radio with CD, air condition, heating, fresh water tank, boiler, generator,

You can order further optional installations, like bathroom, toilet, basin, waste tank, cooker. We can also create the living area according to your special imagination.

Horse Area
The the cover of the walls is made of fiberglas and white colored aluminum sheets. The board is coated with anti-slip rubber, the wall is sthrengthened with wood and rubber behind the horses.

The feeder is made of stainless steel with aluminium frame and at the chest of the horses it is covered with wood and rubber combination.

The partitions are built from aluminum profiles covered with wood and sponge coated with durable material.

There are windows on both sidewalls. There are also hatches and fans on the roof to help the ventillation of the horse area.

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