• November 17, 2020 9:09 pm
  • North Carolina, USA

nafcore™ TreeFree by Greene Natural Fibers, LLC, performs better than wood shavings or straw, with several outstanding characteristics that make it a unique bedding product for your horses.

Superior Absorption
nafcore™ TreeFree™ encapsulates moisture internally— pine and straw moisture retention is totally superficial.

Higher Compression Resistance
nafcore’s™ “stiff sponge” particles maintain their volume while continuing to provide good footing—while soggy pine flakes compress down to a useless slipping hazard.

Low Dust
nafcore’s™ strong, natural sponge particles are air-separated and triple screened to be low dust —while pine shavings continuously shed dust and ultra-fine particles.

Non-Allergenic and Non-Irritating
nafcore™, unlike pine, contains no resins, aromatics or tar that can irritate a horse or lead to allergic reactions.

Extended Use Time
nafcore™ denatures ammonia, picks up more than twice the moisture and does not become soggy—allowing more than twice the use time of pine shavings.

Higher Biodegradability and Disposal Efficiency
nafcore’s™ unique, highly porous structure, lower lignin content and absence of aromatic resins and silica allow rapid breakdown upon disposal—more than triple the
rate of pine shavings and much quicker than straw.

Greater Efficiency
nafcore’s™ higher absorption and extended use time means less labor, less frequent application of labor and less time spent on horse maintenance—allowing owners to better focus resources on their horse’s performance.

Significant Cost Savings
nafcore™ TreeFree’s superior performance and higher efficiencies result in cost savings on both bedding and attendant labor—happier horses and happier grooms provides better value.


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