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Magnum Pellets™ are 100% organic wood fiber from a combination of Pine and Spruce.  Our pellets go through an extensive specialized manufacturing process — the material is dried, compressed, and formed into small eraser-sized bits, resulting in a sterilized, pleasant smelling, soft-to-touch pellet.

This modified pellet process makes Magnum Pellets™ the finest horse bedding in the world.  It provides a more comfortable, healthier, environmentally friendly bedding for the horse, along with a significant reduction in labor, maintenance and disposal costs for the horse owner.

When the pellets are exposed to moisture they expand from the inside out.  An example of its expansion capability, one pickup truck of shavings is reduced to four 40 lb. bags of Magnum Pellets™ Horse Bedding.

  • Significantly reduces labor, maintenance and disposal costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use and store
  • Healthier for your horse

Magnum Pellets

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Tim Wright
Horse Country Bedding Inc.
Horseman’s Choice Horse Products
Canada / Eastern USA Sales
St. Thomas, Ontario

Bagged Horse Bedding
Bagged Horse Bedding relies on premium Wood Shavings to provide you with the best Horse Bedding and Animal Bedding available on the market.

Bagged Horse Bedding delivers all year round products from its state-of-the art packaging facility which ensures that bagged horse bedding is available for your animal bedding needs.

Bagged Horse Bedding delivers to your door premium wood shavings packaged in bags for easy and safe handling.

Contact us to find out more about horse bedding and animal bedding from Bagged Horse Bedding !!!

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