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A serious horsebox… loaded with personality.

We all love our horses.

And because we do, we want them to lead active, happy lives. This inevitably requires us to put them in a box and transport them from place to place, often over long distances.

And because we love them, we are always searching for ways to ensure their comfort and safety.

A little while ago I discovered a remarkable horsebox…designed and built for the horse.

I believe The Ketterer is a horsebox without equal…filled with quiet strength and enduring quality, beginning deep inside and rising up through the construction to build a serious horsebox.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering The Ketterer.

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“No horse can speak to tell us what it’s like to stand inside a moving box for several hours winding through twisty country lanes or rolling down the motorway…” So Michael has tried to speak for them by building a horsebox that eases their journey in safety and comfort.

As with the great German automotive manufacturers, the specification of the Ketterer horsebox is filled with quality… a soundproof area for the horses with fabulous light and ventilation, video monitoring of the horses, leather in the living, satellite TV with video, and on and on and on.

Located on the edge of the Black Forest, the Ketterer Spezialfahrzeuge is a family business dedicated to quality and craftsmanship. Michael takes no shortcuts in the design and manufacture of his boxes…and the comfort and safety of those who travel in them. The thoughtful attention to the travelling needs of horse and rider is expressed in The Twelve Systems…and each system has a story to tell that is unique to The Ketterer.

A thoroughbred chassis…designed for power, speed and stamina.

Michael works with the major chassis manufacturers to design a chassis which is unique to The Ketterer. With intelligent modifications, we have created more storage room by taking advantage of every nook and cranny in the chassis frame. A serious stabiliser on both front and rear axles provides that extra measure of solid safety. Air suspension is standard on the rear axle giving a smooth ride and a shallow angle for the ramp when loading and off-loading.

Of course, The Ketterer understands that there are times when we experience less than ideal conditions…by giving us a winter profile as standard on the rear tyres along with a 60 degree differential lock on the rear axle to give extra traction when escaping from muddy fields!

The tilt cab is not an option but standard on The Ketterer. After all, you wouldn’t weld the bonnet to the frame of your car…so why buy a horsebox that welds the cab to the box. With the attention to detail that is its trademark, The Ketterer carries extra heavy-duty fittings on the tilt mechanism for the cab in order to compensate for the extra weight of the sleeping compartment. As a result, tilting the cab just isn’t a problem when the chassis is scheduled for maintenance.

Most important of all, we’ll help you choose the right chassis with the right horsepower to do the job… never underpowered or overweight.

The Ketterer is rock solid…built for strength and stability with a touch of quiet elegance.

The Ketterer construction begins with a coat of armour made of aluminium strengthened by a chunky sandwich of polystyrene, laminated wood, and fibreglass. Then comes a double layer of foam rubber and rubber composite insulating and sealing the entire interior of the horse area. Unlike traditional horseboxes, there are no screws allowing water to collect in the panels and storage compartments ultimately corroding the construction. The Ketterer creates a remarkable ‘bubble’ so your horses travel safe and secure.

You can hear the strength of the construction as the doors and storage lockers glide into place with that wonderfully reassuring ‘clunk’ that is German engineering at its best.

Designed for the purpose.

The critical difference is the material…not the standard aluminium base but a durable laminated wood substructure.


Because when urine comes into contact with aluminium it creates a corrosive reaction causing the floor to deteriorate and become unstable. The floor of The Ketterer is a 30mm sealed laminate construction which is impervious to urine and, therefore, the floor remains intact and safe throughout the life of the box. With belt and braces, the Ketterer floor is then covered with 18mm thick rubber matting. All joints between the mats and between the floor and walls are sealed with liquid rubber allowing for natural expansion and contraction.

A 50mm thick insulation of Rockwool captures the road noise before it reaches the horses.

The good life…

A bit of heaven right here on earth…seating area in rich leather as standard, along with quality appliances, satellite colour TV with video and on and on and on. Let there be light to brighten even the dark, dreary days… light to cook by, light for reading in bed, light for your horses, light for unloading. If you can think of it, chances are it’s already on board!

The Ketterer carries gallons and gallons of fresh water for those lovely showers and cups of tea…and a separate tank for waste water, encouraging us to respect our environment. And there’s always plenty of heating even for our chilly ‘summer’ days…

Your horses have enjoyed a quiet, peaceful journey…and now it’s your turn to get a good night’s sleep. There’s plenty of insulation in the living area to keep you cosy and warm while blocking out the sound of the party next door… unless, of course, you care to join them!

As strong as the starting gates at Ascot…

Begin with the interior framework which not only holds the partitions in place but also functions to provide strength and stability to the internal wall. Thanks to this framework, a Ketterer horse cannot ‘sit’ on the lorry…so no more bulging walls!

Then there is the system of industrial strength screws which keeps the partitions level at all times. There is no warping which eventually makes ordinary partitions difficult to deal with because they’re always out of alignment.

Silent soldiers on parade…chest deep with a full skirt or hock deep with a mini skirt. You may choose the precise travelling width for each horse as the partitions are calibrated at 10 centimetre intervals.

Horsepower in the living…

The choice is yours…from gas to full generator and all combinations in between. Whatever power system you choose, the onboard computer thinks for you…so just do as you’re told and relax!

Give yourself the independence to enjoy all the comforts of home. Put the kettle on for that well-earned cup of tea…then jump into a hot shower before you settle down to a glass of wine and a great meal. With satellite TV and video on The Ketterer, you can take it easy after a long day.

If you select the generator, you’ll find it housed and insulated in its own storage locker with a built-in stabiliser system ensuring peak performance after a long drive.

As shallow as the Derby Bank is steep…

The Ketterer ramp gives your horse a solid step up into the box…nothing gives way beneath his feet to make him wary of progressing further. Air suspension allows the ramp to become long and low at an encouraging shallow angle. Just like the good old days, Ketterer gates drop down to meet the ramp, but with a thoughtful difference…the slats are now horizontal (instead of the traditional vertical fencing) so there is no gap for your horse to slip through as he makes his way along the ramp. This integrated system gives confidence and security to the most reluctant passenger.

On an extra heavy-duty 52 guage steel frame, the ramp is a rugged construction of aluminium and wood filled with Rockwool insulation pads to eliminate noise. This sandwich is fully encased in thick rubber with rubber slats for extra grip. As with all the steel construction throughout the horsebox, the ramp frame is waxed before sealing to eliminate the threat of dampness. There is also a rubber cover across the hinge from the horse area to the ramp, eliminating the gap that attracts debris. And finally, the ramp has an integral locking device which secures this vulnerable entry point.

Thrilling in the hunt field…but not in the horsebox.

Perhaps the essence of this remarkable box is the commitment to eliminating noise, especially in the horse area. Approximately 60% of the noise comes from outside the box (road noise, traffic, etc.) while 40% comes from inside the box itself, in particular the interior fittings and materials.

With clever engineering and great attention to detail, Michael has achieved a mere 62 decibels in the horse area. This rating is 10 times quieter than the traditional level of 75 decibels transforming the horse area from a rock concert to a string quartet. Naturally this design is patent protected and can only be enjoyed in The Ketterer.

A thick insulation of Rockwool underneath the chassis captures the road noise before it reaches the horses. The horse area is completely sealed – more Rockwool in the roof and the ramp – to eliminate noise from the outside. The partitions – one of the elements with the greatest potential for generating noise – are as quiet as soldiers on guard duty at the palace. The partition ‘bullet’ is constructed from a nylon composite thus eliminating the metal to metal contact. This clever bullet then fixes itself into the solid trough… no irritating noises, just peaceful surrender.

This meticulous attention to the travelling comfort of the horse really speaks for itself. Horses travel with less stress because they feel safe and secure in their environment throughout the journey. Ketterer horses arrive calm and relaxed, ready to give you their best performance on the day. Sheer genius…

Never enough! Until now…

We have been ingenious in our use of every inch of the chassis and box providing maximum storage for you and your horses. The tack lockers are extra long and deep (43cm) to accommodate even the long flaps of a dressage saddle. There are innovative options such as side-to-side storage that runs the entire width of the box behind the rear axle…or inside-outside storage, a clever compartment that makes optimum use of space or an ingenious sink with mixer tap in the flip-up storage locker.

Each storage compartment is easily lockable for your peace of mind.

And remember when we described how The Ketterer was wonderfully watertight…? Now you’ll never again have to worry about finding puddles inside your storage lockers!

For those happy hours on the road…

Your horses travel in rock solid comfort all the way. You’ve chosen the right chassis with the right horsepower to do the job. Now you can choose the travelling configuration that is best for your crew – front or rear facing or the popular herringbone which accommodates a rear facing angle while allowing optimum capacity.

There are two quick-release ties for each horse on a unique Ketterer slide bar system offering the security of a double tie with optimum flexibility in the position of each tethering point. The ties are available in 3 lengths:

50cm, 60cm, or 70cm.

Every comfort is easily accessible for your horse – hay in nets as well as feed and water in the stainless steel trough that runs the length of the wall.

And when you reach your destination, just flip open The Ketterer up-and-away windows and the travelling box transforms itself into home away from home for your horse.

Fresh air in just the right places…

Designed for high-speed German trains, Euromax windows drop horizontally rather than slide vertically thus eliminating unhealthy draughts. You then control the 360-degree adjustable ventilators in the roof to ensure a constant flow of fresh air. This combined system draws off the heat generated by your horse’s body temperature while providing a continuous circulation of fresh air, eliminating the danger of direct cold air penetrating your horse’s muscles.

Always on the lookout…

Ever vigilant for the welfare of the travelling horse, The Ketterer offers a video system in the cab which allows you to monitor your horses as you drive along.

There is also a camera that allows you to view rear traffic and assists in reversing…so you can see it before you run over it!

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