• November 17, 2020 6:42 pm
  • Herefordshire, United Kingdom

Cushionbed is made from seasoned, dried, natural hard and softwood fibres, resulting in a shredded, cushioned bedding material with qualities including, lower dust levels, less harmful odours, stability and comfort. The product is non-palatable, does not adhere to the coat, mane and tail, is easily handled, economical to maintain and friendly in the environment after use.

Cushionbed has been used successfully with horses suffering from COPD Syndrome and other equine respiratory problems have been greatly eased when using this product. Because of its efficient absorbency there is less ammonia odour. Farriers recommend the use of Cushionbed to improve thrush conditions and poor hoof quality; as the dampness is drained away efficiently from the bed surface. Horse coats, manes and tails are quickly and easily groomed, as Cushionbed is less dusty and does not cling to hair.

Cushionbed is very absorbent and works well on either a daily mucking out or a semi-deep litter system where droppings are lifted 2/3 times daily from the bed surface and the wet patches removed weekly. Cushionbed is quick and easy to maintain, so time spent mucking out is reduced. The waste breaks down to form and excellent biodegradeable mulch.

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