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We at Chadwick Horseboxes Ltd. are proud of our standing as one of the largest and long established horsebox dealerships in the UK. Horse transport is a subject we’re passionate about, so you’ll find we’re happy to discuss your individual needs and advise on how we can achieve the most practical and cost – effective solution for you.

Whether you’re in the market for one of our distinguished range of luxury new build boxes or you’re looking to choose from our huge stock of quality assured, pre- owned horseboxes, we think we’ll have a selection to inspire you…

We at Chadwick Horseboxes Ltd. are proud of almost 30 years service to the industry and our standing as one of the oldest established dealerships. Horse transport is a subject we are passionate about, so you’ll find we’re happy to discuss your individual needs and how they can be interpreted to provide the most cost-effective and practical solution to suit your budget.

Our roots
Chris & Christine Chadwick founded Chadwick Horseboxes in 1975. They were joined in 1996 by their daughter, Sharon. Christine still oversees the accounting side of the business, while both Chris and Sharon remain very active in the day to day workings of the company.

Selling a horsebox?
We are always looking for quality, late model horseboxes. We will buy outright, or we can sell your horsebox on our brokerage system. Once you have decided to sell your horsebox, you want it sold – quickly. Our professional sales staff will concentrate on the critical task of marketing your horsebox. In order to satisfy the demands of sellers and purchasers, we have brought together, on our one acre site our full range of services and facilities which include:

On site security

The Holderness
Despite it’s diminutive dimensions – The Holderness is big on payload and stability. With it’s sleek lines and robust stainless steel horse area fittings – it is the perfect partner for weekend riders and those with a more intense competition schedule. * The Holderness is available with living accommodation – please ask for a quotation

The Middleton
The new Middleton is the culmination of over 30 years’ experience in the building of luxury horseboxes for the discerning equestrian. Individually hand built by craftsmen, each Middleton can be tailored to reflect the owner’s personal tastes.

Offering the standard that is synonymous with
a Chadwick build, the Derwent offers bespoke horse transportation for up to 9 horses with living accommodation catering for up to 6 persons.

New Fautras Horse Trailers For Sale

All Models benefit from Polyester body – Galvanised chassis and frame – American doors (small ramp on Oblic model). European patented lowered floor on Club, Provan, Provan and Promax Models. Galvanised mudguards – Galvanised kickboarding – Non rotting Polyprepylene floor. Auto reverse brakes – Spare wheel included – Sliding shutter vents in rear doors (3 positions). Coupling lock – Jockey wheel – 7 colours – Possibility of dual colours.

Why choose a Fautras Trailer?
These revolutionary horse trailers feature a patented lowered floor to the rear of the trailer, which allows the horse or pony to step straight into or out of the trailer. This avoids potential injuries from horses slipping on wet or dirty ramps. Although the Oblic and Promax 3 models have a pull out ramp, we find very few of our customers actually use them, preferring to load simply from the ground onto a safe flat surface.

All Fautras trailers have two American style rear doors. By fully opening both doors the Fautras trailer can be reversed back flush to a loose box or barn doorway to allow the horse to step straight in. By half opening the doors the horse can be guided into the trailer. By opening one door at a time the first horse can be safely loaded or unloaded away from the second horse; thus eliminating the possibility of the first horse backing out or injuring the owner.

Floors manufactured from polypropylene petro-plastics are rot – resistant and maintenance free. This material is a by product of the oil industry, and does away with concerns of weak or rotten floors.

Direct traction chassis giving excellent road handling and easy steering.

Fautras horse trailers have round breast bars, which incorporate a rapid release system. In the unlikely event of a horse having climbed over the breast bar, he can be released quickly without an allen key.

Specially designed galvanised removable revolving head guards are a standard fitting on all Fautras forward facing trailers. These allow people to access the horse without hindrance at the front of the trailer.

Sliding windows on each side and casement type shutters in the top half of the rear doors that have various settings, allowing airflow through the horse area to be regulated.

Fautras trailers are available with one or two front exit doors which allows horses to be unloaded individually to the front. Leaving both front doors open creates excellent ventilation on a hot day.

An independent suspension system guarantees a smooth ride, this incorporates an auto reverse mechanism and self adjusting brakes which only need to be serviced once a year. The whole chassis and other metal components are hot dip galvanised for a long, rust-free life.

The spare wheel is situated on the inside, but can be placed on the outside on the front or side according to the customer’s wish.

All Fautras Provan and Club models incorporate a unique automatic jockey wheel, which makes hitching and unhitching easy.

The Provan and Obic models are available in a choice of 7 standard colours , however, should you wish to choose a more individual colour scheme, most other colours can be supplied to order (although a premium may be charged).

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