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Brego – Spanish Mustang Stallion

This versatile and handsome Spanish Mustang stallion is not to be missed and is standing at the Cliveden Stud.

He is one of only a handful of Pure Bred Spanish Mustang stallions in the UK and the only one who is regularly available to cover mares of other breeds.

Brego has an attractive, compact and powerful configuration coupled with an excellent temperament. He loves and has a talent for jumping. He has the stamina and speed for endurance, the agility, speed, acceleration and stamina for polo. He also has the laid back attitude for Western.

Please feel free to browse his website to learn more about this remarkable and rare breed, about Brego himself and about his availability for stud services.

Brego’s early years

Brego was born at the Cayuse ranch near Oshoto, Wyoming on 17th June 2002. His sire was Sequoyah (SMR 1001) and his dam was Lady Jane (SMR 1561).

For the first 3 years of his life he lived in a bachelor herd at the Cayuse Ranch, before being imported to the UK.

Brego and I

He lived in the UK, near to Bury St Edmunds, for about 6 months before I first met him. This happened whilst I was researching an article for the Horses Hoof magazine.

To cut a long story short, I ended up buying him from the importer and so had an unbacked 4 year old colt for my first horse.

We did a lot of ground work with him and slowly got him used to things on his back ending up with a saddle. All of which he took in his stride.

Finally came the time to get on him, I put my foot in the stirrup and slowly went astride, waiting for the big explosion.

Nothing happened!! So I got off and got on again.

Still nothing, so we tried a few steps; he was wobbly until he got his balance. After that we were OK.

Brego today

Brego now lives at the Cliveden Stud, near Maidenhead in Berkshire, where he is one of their resident stallions, and is available to cover non Spanish Mustang mares. They discovered that he has talent for jumping, which he really enjoys.

He is ridden both Western and English. The Cliveden Stud looks after his English Training and David Lloyd does his Western training.

Like many Spanish Mustangs, Brego has very good feet and does not need shoes. He is ridden daily on roads, tracks and in the school and he does not require much trimming.

Brego’s Details

Brego is a pure bred dark brown Sabino Spanish Mustang Stallion who stands at just over 14.2hh and is from foundation Spanish Mustang stock.

He is registered with the Spanish Mustang Registry Inc. (SMR 3449) and with the American Heritage Horse Association (AHHA 16).

He has been DNA profiled and his DNA is on record with Texas A&M; (File No 41437). He has also been tested negative for the Lethal White Overo (LWO) gene.

He has been graded by the American Heritage Horse Association and achieved a score of 84.5% which made him No. 6 stallion in the world at the time of grading.

Brego’s Foals

Brego currently has 3 foals on the ground, one pure bred Spanish Mustang and two part bred Spanish Mustangs:

Mato Cikala (SMR 3796) out of Restless Wind (MR 3563). Mato was born on 17 June 2007, which was Brego’s 5th Birthday and also Father’s day that year. He was the first Spanish Mustang to be conceived and born in the UK.

Winston out of Christie, an NZ Thoroughbred. Winston was born in 2008. He will probably become a polo pony, like his dam.

Fern out of Outholme Finesco, a WB ID cross. Fern was born in 2009 and is a lovely filly.

Stud Services

Brego stands at just over 14.2hh and can cover small horses as well as ponies.

He has successfully covered Spanish Mustangs, Thoroughbreds and Warmblood crosses and currently has three foals on the ground.

He has been tested negative for LWO, so can cover LWO positive mares. His DNA is on file on the Texas A&M; Spanish Mustang Registry database and also with the AHHA database.

His foals have all inherited his gentle character, his agility and his athleticism.

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