This website will provide up to date news about the dressage world; who is winning at the top of the sport, horses bought and sold , rider changes, not to mention hatches matches and dispatches both human and equine. We want to make this a fun news service so we also welcome any light hearted dressage related stories which are publishable!!

In addition we are planning to provide a directory of information and reviews of all aspects of the dressage world. This will take time to compile and we are starting with dressage trainers and dressage venues and then possibly equine vets.

CCTV Systems

Dressage Trainers

We are inviting trainers to provide information about themselves and their facilities which we will put on the website free of charge. We will also invite the trainer to provide us with the names of some of the people they train who we can contact. We will then include a review of the trainer, based upon the information received from these clients, but the clients will not be identified or their comments attributable. Those viewing the site will therefore obtain all the information they need about each trainer and an objective review from some of the trainer’s clients. BR>
We have our first few trainers now registered on the website and these can be seen under “Dressage Trainers” section.

Trainers can be included in this section of Dressage Central by following the link below and submitting information about themselves on line. info@stableexpress.co.uk. If you have a photo which you would like to be included please e mail it to info@stableexpress.co.uk.

Dressage Venues

The concept is the same for dressage venues. We will provide a single place where all relevant practical information about dressage venues can be found including how good the coffee, cakes and chips are!! We will also ask the venues to nominate competitors who use the venue regularly to provide us with their views so we can include an objective review of the venue in the same way as for trainers.

Venues can be included in this section of stableexpress submitting information about themselves on line at info@stableexpress.co.uk. If you have a photo which you would like to be included please e mail it to info@stableexpress.co.uk.

Use of information on the Website

All of the information published in respect of each trainer and venue (other than the Objective Reviews) is provided to us by or on behalf of each trainer or venue in question. Stableexpress does not independently verify this information and is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information provided. Stableexpress is not providing any form of recommendation of that trainer or venue.

Equine Vets

With vets we propose proving a data base of all the equine vets in the UK with as much information as each practice/vet wishes to provide particularly with regard to the particular specialisations within the practice. We though it would be useful to identify where these areas of specialisation are on a UK wide basis.

And then…

Once we have these areas up and running will add new ones and we welcome any thoughts you may have on areas which would be of interest which can be provided through the “Contact” page



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