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Thorpeville Stud has in recent years imported a number of Shetland stallions and mares from the UK and Shetland Islands.

These have formed the basis of one of the finest Shetland Studs in Australia

Welcome to Thorpeville Pony Stud:- Breeders of quality Shetland Ponies for over 30 year. Our breeding stock is based on descendants of our first imported mares and stallions which we imported to

Australia 25 years ago. During the last couple of years we have imported two more stallions, both Blue Roans – one a 10hh.pony the other an 82 cm miniature. Our Mission is to breed ponies of sound conformation that are sought after as riding and harness ponies for show and recreation.

Inspection of the ponies can be arranged by phoning the number below. Overseas visitors are always welcome and prospective buyer will be shown over the 300 acre property where they can view over 70 brood mares and their offspring

Telephone – 03 57521231

Postal address – RMB 3098, Myrtleford, Victoria, 3737. Australia

Breeders of high Quality Miniature ponies

Our ponies are all registered with both the AMPS and the APSB

Our two main breeding Stallions are both under 80cm in height and our mares are under 87cm

this gives the foals a 90% chance of staying within the Miniature height range.

Our ponies are bred for conformation and action and are idea for

the keen shower for both led and harness events

For information on ponies for sale Phone 0357521231

Thorpeville Tasrina:    Black / Brown Mare     Born 14/10/99      Height  9.1½ hh Champion led mare/filly Myrtleford Agricultural Show 2003. Broken to saddle and harness.    Sire: Lordonvale Mistral   Dam: Thorpeville Tabatha.  Price: $1650 Incl GST

Maylaura Lara:         Grey Mare.      Born 20/9/86    Height 9 hh.     Sire: Avonleigh Cricket Dam: Barrymour Fleur. Had piebald foal last season. Mare not joined                        Price: $550  incl GST

Thorpeville Francine: Piebald Mare.   Born 25/11/92   Height 9.1 hh. Had piebald foal last season. Mare not joined.  Sire: Thorpeville Rodney   Dam: Dante Twinkle              Price $ 880  incl GST

Thorpeville Maggie: Black Mare:   Born 8/10/97   Height 9 hh. Had black filly foal last season  Sire: Dystlegh Donald (Imp)  Dam: Thorpeville Marleena. Fully imported bloodlines. Price:  $1650 incl GST

Thorpeville Angelica: Black Mare     Born 25/10/97  Height  9.2 hh  Had Black Colt foal last season .  Mare not Joined     Sire: Dysleth Donald (Imp)   Dam: Thorpeville Amella Price: $1320 Incl GST

Thorpeville Paulinia: Black Mare     Born  7/11/93    Height  9.1 hh    Had black colt foal last season.  mare not joined.       Sire: Thorpeville Rodney   Dam: Thorpeville Patience Fully imported bloodlines.   Price: $1320 Incl GST

Thorpeville Leeza: Black Mare     Born  20/10/89  Height  9.1 hh      Had black filly last season.  Mare not joined. Sire: Dystlegh Donald (Imp)  Dam: Yamboon Park Dimple. Price:  $1100 Incl GST

Lerwick Bridget: Black Mare     Born  21/11/85   height 9.3 hh  Paddock ran with Darrawin Santee(Skewbald) from 28/9/03 to 5/1/04.           Sire: Rodney of Marshwood   Dam: Marbet Bridget.  Price: $550 Incl GST

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