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Louis took 4 years to progress to Grand Prix level on a horse that he was training. His progress was fast because his flat work was all in place. His understanding of how the horse co-ordinates from the ground to the air enabled his balance to be in harmony with his horse and it was this training method that contributed to his level of progression.

So he encourages your first few lessons to be on the flat or on the lounge, until your balance and position are correct. Then pole work is introduced. This is by no means boring. When you develop your newfound balance, your confidence and your horse’s confidence will reach another level. You will then have learnt a technique of training that you can adapt to each and every horse you ride.

The same applies to flat lessons with Deborah.
Prices of private Lessons
with Louis at his yard
Half an hour £15.00
One hour £25.00

Prices of private lessons
with Louis half at your yard
Half an hour £25.00
One hour £30.00

Breaking and Producing

Louis has broken tens of scores of horses over the last couple of years, mostly stallions. He love breaking horses no matter how difficult.

He offers a breaking service for all who want to produce their own youngsters without the initial hard work and danger.

When breaking a youngster Louis doesn’t like to change their personality, so he want supress their expression. He wants them to think for themselves as this will help them become clever jumpers. It usually takes Louis a month to produce a balanced, free moving, obedient youngster that will pop over a small course confidently. He works them on the flat in a long and low outline as this encourages correct muscle development and does not use any additional training aids.

Breaking is £200 a week and this includes Livery at Ferndale Farm

If you would like Louis introduce road work (including cantering over the common and cross country training), this would take another month of training. Louis will hand you back a supple, obedient, forward youngster which is ready to take on a full training program.

You are more than welcome to visit the yard to speak to other students and owners who Louis has ridden for, and watch him ride on his youngsters before making a decision. Louis also will come to you to break.

If you have a horse who you would like Louis to produce and train, or a horse that you need to sell, then give him a call.

Our new yard in tringis set in 350 acres. With big bright airy boxes, in an indoor barn. Seperate turn out paddocks. An international size jumping arena with a full set of jumps. And a glass jumping paddock. Wash area undercover horse walker and secure lorry parking, tack room. Toilet with laundry facilities. We are in a great location to all major motorways for shows, whatever your discipline.

5 Day Part Livery-Box -Bedding-Feed-Haylage-AM & PM- for the 7 days but mucked out and skipped out for 5 days.Turned out – Catch in x 3 Walker x 2 = £114 a week

7 Day Part Livery – As above with a 7 day mcuk out =£135

We provide a full service of extras for those who chose part livery.


Full Livery £155 a week: Your horse is exercised 3 times in the week for you. Lounged -Hack – flat – And put on the Walker x 2.

Competition Livery £180 a week: Your horse is taken and produced Through the grades by Louis and trained as one of his own.

Training Livery £180 a week: Your horse on 5 day part livery With 3 half hour lessons a week with Louis and training at shows.

Breaking Livery £200 a week: Usually takes 3 weeks Walk-trot-canter-jump-hacking-loading etc.

Buying on the Continent

I am very privileged to have a great agent who searches out quality youngsters for me. He knows my high standards and does not compromise them.

If you would like to have the experience of buying on the continent I will arrange everything for you, including flights and accommodation for a small fee. I will even come with you and ride them if you want.

All you have to do is describe the horse or horses you are looking for and your budget and Cris will search them out for you. He will pick you up at the airport and drive you around, be your translator as Cris speaks 5 languages and he’ll handle the vetting, chipping and transporting for you. All you have to go is enjoy the experience. It is always good to go with horsey friend who’s opinion you trust, as two heads are always better than one.

Cris is highly respected in the equine sport industry. He takes 10% of the sell price from the buyer. And can find you foals to international team horses.

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