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  • Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
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LK Sport Horse Continental is a family run business.

We seek out the finest young horses in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands direct from their breeders, hopefully unbroken. Our policy is that they must have clean limbs, great character, athletic loose movement, a great free jump. And that they are breed from State Premium and Elite mares and international performance elite stallions.

Louis will back them there and then so that he can tell if they are the type he enjoys working with as they are all bought for him in mind.

They are transported over within a week. When they arrive at their new home, Ferndale Farm they are treated as one of the family, as they are our horses, our investment.

No horse is offically up for sale until we have a full insight into their character and ability. Louis is not a dealer he is a producer of sport horses, so he keeps his horses and continues to produce them through the grades until the right person for the horse comes along and buys them.

LK Sport Horse Continental

Deborah King Marketing-Deborah King Tel:07905 600 101

In addition, thanks to all those that got involved in the Sky commercial for Casada, shot by The Hotmilk Film Company on 10th Dec 08 for their equine therapy equipment” The Tappymed. The ad ran at Olympia and will be in all the department stores Casada’s products are in. As well as on the Sky Shopping Channel in the new year.

Spillers Feed: www.spillers-feeds.com
Help Line Tel:01908 22 6626

The Haylage Company-Polo Forage www.thehaylagecompany.co.uk
Tel: 01923 268 609

Los Clothing www.losclothing.com
Tel:01482 679 949

Frank Baines Saddlery

Sponsorship in all shapes and sizes is always appreciated.
If you would like to be a part of a very exciting sport and join in the fun associated with being a part of Team Louis
Please contact M.I.J Promotions. 07905 600 101


Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom

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