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Kariba sell top of the range custom built, rugged, 3.5 tonne horseboxes to carry two horses in safety and comfort.

Your horses are a precious asset that need to be protected and transported in safety whether you enjoy dressage and show jumping or just wish to go for a hack or visit the farrier.

In all cases, it is imperative that you can transport them in comfort to ensure both you and your horses arrive stress free and relaxed.

Your horse box should give you the confidence that it is robust and secure and capable of reducing the stresses of travel.

The Kariba Horse Boxes are built on either the Vauxhall Movano or the Renault Master chassis and are rated for 3.5 tonne gross weight. In general, this means that approximately 1 tonne is available to transport you and your horses in safety and comfort. All our horseboxes are fully featured and custom built by hand.

Our horseboxes are built on either a brand new chassis or second hand chassis (usually between 4 and 6 years old) and built to order within 4 -6 weeks.

We are based in Cheshire and offer a range of superb horseboxes for sale to suit your needs and budget. Our horseboxes are built by a local coachbuilder with over 20 years of experience. We believe attention to detail, in terms of both comfort and safety, are paramount, and we ensure our horse boxes are constructed to the highest standards.

Our horse boxes can also be built to order and usually take between 4 and 6 weeks. We keep you appraised of progress at every step of the way and are happy to complete the horse box in your chosen colour and logo.

Prices are dependant, to a degree, on the donor vehicle and we prefer to use newer, low mileage vehicles as they are more modern and reliable.

Although our horse boxes are prepared to a high standard with an extensive list of features, we’re always happy to discuss additional items or any changes to the design you may require. Please feel free to contact me on 0161 980 2439 to discuss your requirements.

Why Choose Kariba Horseboxes
We have owned and worked with horses and horseboxes over the years and invested our knowledge in creating a range of Horse Boxes designed to offer peace of mind. All our horse boxes are custom built and come with an impressive range of features as standard that ensure all your requirements are catered for.

All horse boxes are fully featured and include padded breast bar and partitions, lockable Luton compartments and CCTV covering the horse area and the rear. The Deluxe horse compartment is 8′ high and 7′ long with a large Groom’s area to the rear, whilst the Elite is 8′ high and 9′ long and ideal for the more nervous horse as there is a floor to ceiling partition with a smaller groom’s area

The horse box can be finished in a colour of your choice and logos can also be applied. We also recognise that there may be further options and we can usually implement these as required.

Contact Kariba now for further details and to discuss your particular requirements or view the demonstrator

We have the following horseboxes for sale.
Whilst we regularly add to our stock with standard conversions, we can also build to specific requirements. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch with the latest developments. All prices exclude VAT

We’re now taking orders for a new Kariba Deluxe (£20,000) and Kariba GT (£24,000) due for sale in March

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Kariba GT Renault Master – now reduced!

Kariba GTStunning Kariba GT brand new conversion for sale built on a September, 2010 Renault Master LM35 DCI 100 with 55,000 miles, 12 month warranty, MOT and a great way to transport your horses.

Finished in Summer Marine Blue with soft silver highlights, the GT features a day area with internal and external power, gas hobs, sink, seating and storage areas with internal and external tack lockers.

The Renault cab has a 6 speed manual gearbox, integrated satnav, radio and bluetooth, and has electric windows and mirrors.

It’s very comfortable and easy to drive and is perfect for transporting two rear facing horses to shows and events.

£22,000 ex VAT

Kariba Deluxe Renault Master
Kariba Deluxe for sale Brand new Kariba Deluxe Horsebox for 2 rear facing horses in the 7’ long and 8’ high easy load horse area. Day area with seats and 2 open wardrobes for saddle and tack. The horsebox is equipped with many safety features including CCTV, Luton compartment and padded walls breast bar, and ceiling.

This example is built on a 60 Plate Renault Master with 65,000 miles, 12 months Tax and full MOT. Finished in Sultry Red it’s easy to drive with 6 gears and integral satnav and radio system.

Kariba Elite Renault Master
2011 Kariba Elite on Renault Master conversion 54000 miles
2011 Kariba Elite on Renault Master conversion 54000 miles

Beautiful Kariba Elite on a 2011 Renault Master conversion with 54,000 miles Finished in Ruby Red the box is highly specified with LED interior lights, easy to operate ramp, integrated SatNav, radio and bluetooth in the cab SOLD

Purchase Options
There are several options available in buying a horsebox. The price of the horsebox is dependant on both the specification and age of the donor chassis. Our preference is to use low mileage Renault Masters no older than 4-5 years. All vehicles will have an MOT and will be serviced as part of the sale (with timing chains, etc replaced as per the manufacturer’s specification) and, where possible, will have the following features

We can use also use older vehicles and they will be cheaper but they usually have a higher mileage (80,000+ miles).

We’re also happy to convert a brand new vehicle, which has the advantage of retaining the manufacture’s warranty. Conversely, we can also convert a new or used vehicle that you have bought, with a consequent reduction in the price, although we can take no liability for the vehicle itself.

What does 3.5 tonne mean?
This relates to the maximum, or gross, weight of the vehicle. The horsebox weighs approximately 2500kgs (or 2.5 tonne) allowing a payload of a further 1000kgs to be added (driver, horses, etc) giving a maximum weight of 3500kgs (or 3.5 tonne). Note that the responsibility for checking that the vehicle is not overloaded lies with the driver.

Should I worry about payload?
It is right to be concerned as your horsebox can be impounded if it is over its maximum weight (also known as GVW – the Gross Vehicle Weight). We have a blog post that explains everything you need to know about payload and how to measure and manage it and ensure you and your horses can travel both legally and safely. Have a look and let me know what you think.

What payload is available?
All our horseboxes are sold with a weigh-bridge certificate to confirm the maximum weight that can be added before the horsebox is legally overweight. For planning purposes, the horseboxes are generally available with, approximately, a 1 tonne payload

What if I need significantly more than a 1 tonne payload?
In such circumstances, the horsebox can usually be upgraded to 3.9 tonnes by modifying the suspension; this usually costs around £800 plus VAT but can be worth it for peace of mind alone. Alternatively, we can convert larger vans up to 5.2 tonne giving a significant payload advantage. Please contact us direct for further details

What size horse will a 3.5 tonne horsebox take?
We normally recommend no larger than a single 16.2hh horse, or two ponies, for both comfort, payload and safety reasons. The horsebox can be modified, if required, to take larger horses

What if I want the horses to be forward facing?
No problem, the horsebox can be reconfigured, as part of the build process, to allow the horses to be facing to the front

Can I drive the horsebox on a normal driver’s licence?
Yes, a standard UK driver’s licence (with the category C1 entitlement) will allow you to drive a 3.5 tonne horsebox.

Can I sleep or cook in the horsebox?
The Kariba GT provides cooking facilities with 2 gas hobs and a sink. We have also carried out modifications to allow the Luton compartment to be used for sleeping or a bed to be made through additions to the bench seats

I’m not used to loading horses – do you have any advice?
We have put a free Guide together here covering the top 10 Tips for loading your horse

Do you convert brand new chassis’
Yes, besides converting older chassis, we can also purchase and convert a brand new chassis for you (and retain the manufacturer’s warranty). Please contact us to discuss further details

I’m concerned my horse may vault the partition into the Groom’s area
The Kariba Elite is designed with a floor to ceiling grill partition to prevent this happening

What options can be specified?
The colour of the Cab seats, and the exterior of the horsebox can be specified along with extras such as power points, satnav, LED lights, alloy wheels, sleeping compartments, etc. The Kariba GT also has space to install a min Fridge and Portapotty

How long does it take from placing the order?
We frequently have horseboxes for sale and a custom built horsebox can be ready for collection within 4 – 6 weeks

What Warranty is available?
The horsebox has a full service prior to delivery and will come with a MOT and a 12 month warranty on the conversion itself with a 3 month warranty on the chassis. Note that the manufacturer’s original warranty remains valid on vehicles less than 3 years old

Do you do part exchange?
We’re currently unable to offer part exchange facilities

Do you hire horseboxes?
We used to hire horseboxes but no longer do this due to the increasing cost of insurance

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