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Our goal is to create a loving and meaningful relationship between horse and rider. We are a small, nationally recognized farm specializing in the training of young professional and adult riders at both the beginner and the returning rider levels. We offer a low key, laid back, no pressure atmosphere in which everyone is allowed the opportunity to develop skills to the best of their ability as a complete a well rounded horse person. Our horses are of the highest quality and have been raised in a loving family environment. We invite you to come down to the farm and enjoy our love for the Arabian Horse.

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where safety and horsemanship are put first. We specialize in adult beginners and adults returning to the sport.

Come and ride at your own pace! We specialize in providing you with the tools to safely enjoy horses. We do our very best to provide you with the skills needed for you to feel comfortable and at home in the saddle, including riding with an independent, balanced seat, and soft, gentle hands.

In addition to riding, we believe on creating a well-rounded education in horsemanship. We can work with you in natural horsemanship, leading, lunging, long lining, and other forms of groundwork which we feel is important to becoming a good horseperson.

“Horses know nothing of money, status, beauty, or accomplishment…Horses see only our hearts, and they accept or reject us based on what they find within us. In short, horses do naturally what humans can pass a lifetime without ever mastering.” -Mary Midkiff

Our Horses

The horses here are like our family! They are from all over the country and have been hand selected for quality, disposition, bloodlines, athleticism and quality~ Some were born here and raised with their Sire Sunwood Tequila Bey and others were purchased at an early age, raised and trained here with positive methods!


We are the only farm in this area that offers leasing in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere! Come socialize with others who enjoy the fun and companionship of your best equine friend! Full and half leasing programs available, its like owning your own horse without all the expenses! Come on down to the farm to our exclusive leasing programs! Our programs include use of tack, access to riding ring, trails across the street and assistance. We take pride in matching you up with your best friend and mount! Some leases with option to purchase!


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