• November 15, 2020 11:21 am
  • Holland, Europe
On Call

The friesepaardenhoeven is started in 2001. We bought than our first Friesian gelding [in Friesland offcourse] With this Friesian gelding I start to ride him and to drive him in harnass. Our town is in the spring beautiful with the bulb fields and offcourse the see and dunes. So 2 weeks later we bought another Friesian gelding to drive with 2 Friesians.

Because the Friesians are so easy and sweet, and my daughter had the age to ride a pony, we bought number 3 Friesian gelding, Imme off 1.55cm [nearly a pony]. Together with her little sister they ride every day imme. Of course the girls are older they ride now offcourse the big stallions or mare’s and gelding. But every day they riding Imme. As soon a Friesian knows who his friend is they go for you and they will be there for live time.

Friesian Meres and foals for sale
Offcourse we visit as family the shows, keuringen etc in Friesland. It was always Friesian, and than the moment was there and we bought our first starmare and another one ………

Because that i was driving in harnass through the bulb fields with my stallions and geldings, people start to ask me where can i buy those lovely Friesians. On that moment it started. Everybody knows me in the area and the hobby was gone, Because I was in friesland to buy friesians and to sell them again. But for me it is still hobbby …


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