Horse Walkers

Horse walkers are a vital piece of equipment for anyone who is serious about horses and stabling. A Horse Walker is a useful time saving way of exercising your horses, and also of cooling them down after a ride. Other uses include halter breaking and nursing an ill animal back to health. Renewed daily use of a horse walker should result in a stronger, fitter horse. Using a horsewalker before a ride means the horse will be able to concentrate more on the job in hand when he is taken out and tacked up.

There are several different types of horsewalkers but they all have common features. Most horse walkers cater for four or six horses at a time although there are horse walkers on the market to suit almost any number of animals. Basic models are flat packed and assembled on site, but at the other end of the spectrum, stables can buy horse walkers with roofs on, with fencing and with a huge range of speeds and controls. Most walkers, as well as having variable speeds, also have a forward and a reverse motion.

Higher end models allow you to take pressure off parts of the horse which may be injured, to stop it bucking, as it may do in an open field, and preventing its wound from fully healing.

Safety is always the priority, and those looking to purchase an equine exerciser should make sure it suits both them and their horse, and has basic safety features such as an emergency cut off switch, should the horse become distressed for any reason. There should also be enough space within the horse walker for the animal to be able to relax.

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