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Rose Hip Oil is extracted from the seeds contained in the intensely red berry-like fruits -or hips- of a wild rose-bush that grows in the cool, lush mountain rainy valleys of the southern Andes, in Chile.

This wild rose is known by the people of Chile as ” Rosa Mosqueta “, and by scientists as Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa. It’s healing properties where a well kept secret of the native people of Chile for centuries. Now they have been validated by scientific research worldwide.

Rose hip extract is high in vitamin C and A and has a strengthening effect on capillaries and connective tissue. Rose extracts are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent and have been used to soothe and heal irritated, chapped skin.

Equine Elite Rose Hip supplements for horses can be fed at a maximum of 1 tablespoon per day and can improve coat condition and new hoof growth, as well as giving your horse additional vitamin C, as well as vitamin A and Zinc. Rosehip oil is also a very good remedy for joint problems and can give your horse natural pain relief.

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