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This article is about Dressage horse trainers and gives idea about dressage horse training. First let me tell you what exactly Dressage is.

Dressage is all about teaching your horse to carry you in complete balance. Because balance must be there in order to get a safe journey for the rider. Lot of new horses finds it very hard to balance his rider in the first days of training.

Dressage is not only about balancing. The objective of Dressage is to give the rider a smooth ride through out his or her journey. This is not an easy thing to do and lot of time and lot of training will be required for this. Other most important thing apart from that balance is the responsiveness of the horse. Horse must respond to its rider and it must respond quickly. For Dressage you will be needing some equipment like English saddle, snaffle and good belt etc: If the horse is smart the time it takes for the horse to become a trained one will be short.

Now let us consider about the training part. The first thing you need to remember when training a horse is that the training should be very slow. You can’t train a horse in a short period of time. And all the good Dressage Horse Trainers take lot of time to train a horse completely. Another important thing in horse training is that do not try to change attitudes and its ways in the training. Let it be itself. Because you trying to make the horse different one, it really can change all the qualities of the horse. Also you must test and evaluate the horse continuously. Give him small targets and try to test his capability weekly. So that you can understand your and horses weaknesses. Try to make sure that you not training your horse all the time. Let him rest and take your horse to the park or a ride. Give good and healthy food and do not make it too much. Even a horse will not be likes to train all the time and this is also a real important thing that you have to keep in mind.

Get help from a trainer to check your posture. The way you sit on the horse and the place where you keep your legs or the hands are really important things. So before you train your horse ensure that you are in a good position to ride your horse. I think you will need advise from a good coach for this because it will take years if you try to make the positions correct by your own.

Dressage really is an unique sport. It is always interesting whether you do it as a sport or whether you do it for fun. I think this article helped you to get the basic understanding of dressage. What I have to say in conclusion is that dressage will be real challenging and you will be needing lot of patience in order to be a good dressage horse trainer.

Dressage Horse Trainers

If you want to own dressage horses then you are going to need dressage horse trainers. The reason for this is that there are so many different parts of the dressage horse trainers art that the rider and horse must master and be aware of. For example if a horse is not supple or has one side which is stiffer than the other then it is going to be difficult for that horse to be a successful dressage horse. However all is not lost because dressage horse trainers can help your horse improve in these areas.

It is also important that riders are in tune with their dressage horses. If riders are nervous or agitated then the dressage horses will be the same. Once again dressage horse trainers can teach you how to be calm and confident so that your emotions will be instilled in your horse which will improve the dressage results for both you and your horse.

There are many moves which the horse and rider must master in the dressage arena. They include ‘on the bit’ for a picture perfect dressage outline, the lateral movement which is a difficult movement for both the horse and rider to master, the rein back, and the all important self carriage of dressage horses. One way to improve your horse’s self carriage is by doing an exercise called the half-halt but this is a tricky manoeuvre, one which really requires the expertise of dressage horse trainers to teach to you and your horse.

Once you have mastered the required dressage movements it will be time to put yourself and your horse to the test. Before a dressage test there are several things that you should remember. For example you should take your horse to dressage events before you actually enter your own dressage test so that you and your horse can get used to the atmosphere. Another good tip is to not over train the routine prior to an event. The reason for this is because your horse may start to anticipate the moves in the arena which could put you both out of stride.

Other tips are to practice visualization, mapping out your moves on paper and grooming your horse so that it looks picture perfect when presenting to the judges. Not only do well groomed dressage horses look magnificent but they will also be a lot calmer if they look and feel good. Horses are proud too you know!

Obviously there are many more tips that you need to know before you compete in your first dressage test. The best way to learn about these tips is to use expert dressage horse trainers. Not only do they have a wealth of knowledge in the sport but they will also be a calming influence for you and your horse. So make sure that when choosing a dressage horse trainer that you get one that you are at ease with because if you and your dressage horse trainer are not in harmony then it will be difficult for you and your horse to be in harmony

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