Warming Up For A Dressage Test

Warming Up For A Dressage Test

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As a dressage horse owner or trainer, you might be confused of the best practices in warming up dressage horses you own or train. In order to have the very best of productive schooling sessions, We have prepared for you, 9 of my best warming up dressage tips/practices. With these various techniques we are sure that after the schooling session, you will be able to boldly say that you have gotten an edge on the best performance of your dressage horse. Therefore, if you are ready, let’s discuss these various tips. Please note that your warm up session may vary from horse to horse.

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1 Probably your horse have been there standing all day long inside the stall, the best thing to do first is walk your dressage horse around with the rein loosed. This should probably last between 5 to around 10 minutes long to help the dressage horse get back active for the schooling session.

2 The next thing after you might have walked your horse for several minutes on the buckle is to pick up a contact in order for you to start the warming up of your dressage.

3 The third point I am sharing with you today is focusing your work out on the first three Training Scale ingredients which are Rhythm, Suppleness, as well as Connection. Starting your work out on these first three ingredients will help you a long way and if the work out goes well around a large circle, you can proceed to further work it out large around the arena.

4 The walk, trotting and cantering around should not be irregular; not too slow and not too fast as to the Rhythm. The tempo should not be rushed nor slowed too much. It must be on a good and regular rhythmic pace.

5 Tip number 5 is to spend as much time or as little as needed as the case may be in relaxing, suppling and resting your dressage horse both physically and mentally. A work out done under tension is a total waste of precious time which will yield no productive result. Therefore, resting and suppling your horse helps to relax her physically which also stimulates the mental relaxation.

6 Connection is another important tip in warming up dressage. To do this, you will be using the connection Half Halt in order to put your dressage horse on bit.

7 Do not hesitate to start all over again when you see that the work out session has fall apart. This will help you save the horse from adapting to the wrong information.

8 Do not forget your school figures such as shallow, loops, circles and serpentines. Involve the dressage horse in this as well.

9 Do not do transition just anyhow, make sure your horse has adequately warm up before engaging her in transitions. I highly suggest this comes up after the second phase of the schooling session right after the completion of the warming up dressage work out.



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