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Tahnia Jordan

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Tahnia Jordon 2nd place in the 128 Grand Prix Final at POYS - 22nd April, 2013

Tecently Tahnia Jordan took Tahnia’s 2 ponies to Pony of the Year Show held at Bury Farm. She was entered in the final of the BS 128/138 handicap on Dandy (qualified at Hand earlier in the year) and both ponies in the open 128 grand prix qualifiers.

Tahnia had a disappointing start to the show when both ponies had poles in the 128 grand prix qualifer on day 1 (although they finished high enough to qualify), and also Dandy had a pole in the first round of the BS 128/138 Final. Day 2, Jacko (Ffynnonback Sandman) produced a nice clear to finish 6th in the qualifier but again Dandy had a pole.

128 Grand Prix final: 28 ponies went forward but only 6 produced clear rounds to go through to round 2 – and Dandy seemed back on form as he was one of them! Dandy by now had a fantastic draw as he was the last of the 6 ponies to jump. Again, they produced another clear to take them to the 3rd jump off round. 5 ponies through to the jump off and first 3 in had faults, then Jack Whitaker went in and produced a fast clear. Tahnia was last to go and they flew round and although they beat the time the very last pole fell! But what a result – still only 10 years old and took 2nd place in the 128 Grand Prix Final at POYS!



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