Small Horseboxes

We offer complete conversions to your spec, refurbished horseboxes and also offer our services in upgrading your current horsebox or trailer.

We locate our Donor Vehicles from reliable sources. We always buy the best possible lorry for the job , years of experience has ensured we know what is required to make the best horsebox . We pride ourselves on our neat tilt cab which is standard on all our lorries.

Living Area - This can be left DIY or the full state of the art luxury. This all depends on budget of our client.

Horse Area - The most important part! Ultimate in horse comfort , in this area we like to know we are selling Horseboxes that are up to the job inc, Alloy floors, strengthened walls, EVA boards, Tack lockers, Rug racks, Horse showers, ..... also trying to keep it all light weight as possible

Paint - This is one of our specialist subjects and as you will see form our gallery, All our lorries have fantastic paint jobs (and they aren't graphic vinyl's), either in metallic or classic colours your Horsebox will be a head turner. You can design your own paint job!

Extras -Its easy to run away with money and adding all the little extras but at Ruby Rose Horseboxes we prefer to let the customer choose the extras within there budget, from horse showers, heating, fans, extra tack lockers, bunk beds, you name it all can be done!



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