Rocking Horses

Rocking Horses

Childrens Rocking Horse
Rocking horses have been part of children’s lives for the many years. Nowadays, they are still popular among children, as they were decades ago. Rocking horses are no longer just made of wood on bow rockers, there are different designs and features that appeals to children of different ages.

Children seem to never run out of energy. Couple of things that children love are rocking and bouncing. Recent changes in the designs of rocking horses have made these two great interests available in just one rocking chair. Toddlers and children would definitely exhaust these rockers. What makes rocking horses a great addition in your child’s playroom is that they are activity toys that never goes out of fashion.

Inflatable ‘Rody Horse’ Children’s Ride-On Rocking Horse: Color is Lime Green

The Inflatable Rody Horse Children’s Ride-On Rocking Horse: lime green bouncing and rocking horse has been capturing the hearts of children, and even those who are not that young. This 4.2 rocking horse should be best enjoyed by children from two to four years old. Made by Ledraplastic, it is very strong and has met U.S. and International Safety Standards. This material does not have any phthalates chemical which guarantees the child is safe from any toxic material. The horse is inflatable and could be easily inflated with hand or foot pump. It could reach a saddle height of 12 inches.

The rocking and bouncing would not only keep the children fully entertained, but it would also help them improve their balance and coordination. They would learn how to maintain their balance while bouncing.

Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse with Sound

This Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse with Sound is a classic spring horse that can be enjoyed by toddlers and young children. Little ones would definitely enjoy a great time as the horse neighs and gallops while they are on it. The horse is pretty safe since the springs are covered with thick metal fabric wraps to ensure that no part of the body will be pinched by the springs. The steel frame is wide and enough to secure even footing. Your two year old could easily climb on and off the horse’s almost 12 inch height, without any worries that it may tip over.

Aside from the neighs and the gallops, children could also enjoy music all through out the ride! Three “AA” sized batteries and the horse’s motion would start the sounds. This great purchase would not only make your child giggle and laugh in delight, it would also make them more active and help them improve their motor skills.

PlayTyme Child’s Rocking Horse in Natural

Made of solid wood, this Playtyme Child’s Rocking Horse in Natural is a classic looking rocking horse is a great addition in children playrooms and collections. A child could sit on the horse without any worries of tipping over. The wood finish is from non-toxic materials which add a glossy-natural look on the rocking chair without compromising the child’s health. It’s durable enough to last and provide happiness for the next few generations.s

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