Horse Wall Stickers

Horse themed wall stickers, high quality easily adhere to internal painted plastered walls. They can redecorate and transform a room in minutes, providing it with a new lease of life.

Stableexpress offers stylish wall stickers that can rejuvenate your bedroom, lounge room, kitchen, nursery or office. They are also a great way to refresh a room if you are renting your home, or if you like to keep up with the latest in interior decor and change your rooms every few years.

They can be simply removed from your wall without any effort or mess and because of their affordability and convenience it makes them preferable to repainting, stenciling, or wallpapering your walls.

In the past, wall stickers have predominately been used to decorate babies and childrens bedrooms, however the range of wall stickers has grown, with Stableexpress offering an extensive and stylish range to adults, suitable for both the home and office.


Horse Wall Stickers / Decals

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Luke Campbell and Shanroe Splendour

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