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Ruby Rose Horseboxes are based in the West Midlands where we custom manufacture each box individually for our customers based on the preferred Man or Iveco chassis for 7.5 tonne horse boxes and Renault master vans for 3.5 tonne horseboxes. We recognise that each of our customers have their own requirements that need to be catered for. This is why we consult with you before, during and after the manufacture of your Horsebox.

HGV Horsebox


All the chassis that we purchase will be thoroughly serviced with all the necessary oil’s and filters changed by a reputable commercial vehicle dealerand start it’s new life with a full years plating and road tax this will all be done before it goes to the workshop for the new body to be manufactured and fitted

By the time you take delivery of your new Horsebox we know that you will be proud and feel safe knowing that we have taken so much care in producing a horsebox that in years to come will still be a Pleasure to own

If you would like to supply your own chassis or would like new ?
why not consider a Man or Daewoo these are a very cost effective way of having a totally new horsebox from head to toe.

we would be only to happy to transport our own horses in all the Horseboxes that we produce

Day Living
The day living consists of gas hob /sink with cold water, bench seat and a wardrobe.

Horse Area
Tie up rings for hay and horse aluminium floor with rubber matting and drainage, good space for rugs etc: and excellent ramp with anti-slip matting.

A comprehensive service schedule is always undertaken. As well as mechanical examination of all brakes (shoes rods cables etc) and electrical systems a proper check is made of all body fittings inside and out. Reports are always made before any major work is carried out.


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