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Horse Van


For some years Ruby Rose Horseboxes have been building lightweight articulated trailers for the Exhibition Industry. As a horse owner, the benefits of this mode of operation for horse transport, the concept was conceived and developed and Ruby Rose Horseboxes was born.

Using their proven technology, Ruby Rose Horseboxes have produced a range of horseboxes that solve problems many equestrians face of how to carry more than 2 horses without a HGV licence or being over the permitted weight.

How can we drive a small articulated trailer?
All drivers who passed their test before the 1st January 1997 hold the entitlement C1 plus E. This entitles them to drive up to 8.25 tonnes vehicle & trailer.

Drivers who passed their test after 1st Jan 1997 need to take their trailer test to be able to drive under the B plus E classification. Using the B plus E classification, and certain tractor units, it is possible to drive up to a gross train weight of 9 tonnes.

Is it Difficult to Drive?
Most people find the lightweight articulated principle easier to manoeuvre than a 7.5tonne rigid lorry as it is flexible and can turn in its own length. The tractor units are light, comfortable, with power steering and all the accessories of a modern vehicle available, making it easy for even the most apprehensive of drivers.

We will if required give training on driving & operating the vehicle. Half day courses can be arranged but basic training will be given at handover of your new Solutions Horsebox.


Ludo Philippaerts riding Darco, Stockholm 1990

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