Horse Breeding

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You can spend the money, study the blood lines, and read the magazines, but the proof is in the foals when it comes to breeding. No matter how much a stallion is promoted, if he’s not producing quality foals then he’ll make a really nice gelding. We have bred for natural athletes with good looks and bone—the kind of horse that when you’re sitting on him all day and tired, you can look down and just be glad you’re a cowboy. When you ride up next to your friends and they look over your horse, you kind of swell up with pride. And when the day is long but there are still cattle to sort, you can sigh with relief knowing he’ll be doing all the work.

Horse Breeding
We have explained the kind of mares we breed, the kind of stallions we have, and now you judge the foals. We’d like to take credit for the great niches we’ve found, but the fact is: God picks them and we just get to raise them. Our breeding program has been 100% successful thus far with our customers, both shipping and live coverage. We work with very experienced veterinarians and collection services to help accomplish this. We have extended our live foal guarantee as far as 6 weeks for customers who have had tragedies at home…(we really do want you to have one of our horses!) From beginning to end we are as excited as you, about your foal and will try hard to make your breeding experience as easy as possible both emotionally and financially. Here at the ranch your mare will be treated as well as ours.

Paints? Master Illusion has produced color with dozens of different mares. The patterns are close or better then the mares. He actually has thrown all color with the exception of one time ( a sorrel w/ 4 white stockings and a blaze)….and we owned the mare! We bred her back to Master Illusion and sold her. At 3:30 a.m. we received a phone call announcing the arrival of the black and white filly at the bottom of the screen. Guess we weren’t destined to raise paints.

We are a family run business, making exclusive bespoke horseboxes for discerning clientele. All built on quality late-plate chassis.

Ring us for a friendly chat about your specifications and needs. The options are almost limitless and between us we can design the horsebox of your dreams.

We also supply a range of parts and accessories to refurbish your horsebox or help you with your build. Visit our website at or call us for more details.

Please note, viewing of horseboxes is by appointment only.

Most of our horseboxes are built on chassis sourced from Iveco direct, ensuring that they have been properly maintained and benefit from being one owner vehicles. Other manufacturer’s vehicles are available.


Ludo Philippaerts riding Darco, Stockholm 1990

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