7.5 Tonne Horseboxes For Sale

At Ruby Rose Horseboxes we believe the horse is fundamental in the concept and build of all Horseboxes. To this end we use the best up to date methods, mixed with the best of traditional ways, to build a truly horse friendly horsebox which meets your needs.

We can truly say a Ruby Rose horseboxes is built by horse people, for horse people.

HGV Horsebox


Our aim is to build what are probably the most affordable quality horseboxes on the market today, individually tailored to meet your every need.

Not sure what Chassis to choose?

First you need to decide what size horsebox you would be happy and are licensed to drive.

Then decide if you need to carry 2, 3, or more horses and whether you need a full, day or no living at all.

When you have decided, then it is time to choose a chassis make and model.

You can either purchase a chassis yourself or Ruby Rose Horseboxes will find a chassis for you.


Ludo Philippaerts riding Darco, Stockholm 1990

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